Twisty's Tesseract

from Twisty's Mind come Twisted Products

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  • The episode picks right back up in the Arcade, with the plan to hack Steel Mountain's climate control network. Raise the temperature high enough (95°F), and the tapes become unreadable.
  • Romero and Mobley wait across the street, brandishing a Radio Frequency sniffer, for a minivan to be parked. Once the owner locks it with her key fob, they intercept the signal in order to catch the sequence that unlocks the van. And once inside, they connect the laptop to the onboard computer to start the ignition.
  • On the ride to Steel Mountain, Elliot monologues about 'daemons,' illustrated by Mr Robot drinking a light beer, Romero smoking a joint, and Mobley eating a burger, dripping ketchup onto his jacket. (BTW, Mobley is running a Gnome desktop) Eliiot throws up in the van.
  • While the team is waiting for Elliot to recover in the stolen motel room, Romero and Mobley are watching the 1995 movie "Hackers" on cable. They level some overdue ridicule at the movie (which is a major driving force for Sam Esmail to make Mr. Robot very different).
  • Back at the Arcade, Trenton uploads the hacked firmware onto their TP site using Filezilla. She appears to be running the Kate editor to modify Python code to run on the Raspberry Pi, and a transparent Terminal window under Gnome.
  • Robot & Elliot take a taxi to a drug house in order to score a fix of morphine. (If Elliot's memory is any accurate indication, Romero & Mobley temporarily bailed from the motel out of frustration.) Once he is shot up, he hallucinates being shot, seeing a new fsociety video, and launches into a deeply symbolic sequence of visions.
  • The FSociety video mentions "If you have any interest in waking from your slumber, in retrieving lost, damaged, or stolen memories, we are here for you." Sam Esmail is not known for including details without purpose. He frequently uses foreshadowing, and a dream of this depth must be riddled with meaning.
  • The most cryptic but recurring phrase happens when a masked Mr Robot places a mask on Elliot: "Now, find your monster, then turn the key." Many fans are still waiting for the meaning of this to be spelled out in an upcoming season.
    • The monster could be a Freudian reference to the subconscious Id. This kind of character role has appeared often in fiction, from movies like Forbidden Planet, to classic novels like Mary Shelley's Frankenstein . Frankenstein's monster literally casts the Id as the Monster: unfiltered, amoral, and even often lacking rational thought.
  • The key gets passed around a lot, from young Darlene, to Tyrell Wellick, etc.
  • Qwerty, the beta fish, goes from speaking about getting stuck in a loop, to being eaten by Angela. But the restaurant setting is not a shared dining table, but rather a series of office cubicles. (There is also the sound of office phones and the occasional glimpse of a server rack.) For dessert, Elliot is offered Pop's famous raspberry pie. As he bites in, he finds the key again, but Angela accepts it like a ring with "I do!"
  • Angela & Elliot next appear in the Arcade, wearing white gown and tux respectively. She questions if he will really change the world: "Figures. You were only born a month ago." Who was born just a month ago? Hello, friend. Elliot's narrative to the imaginary friend he created (the audience) began just one month ago on February 28th, 2015.
  • Angela continues, "You're afraid. Afraid of your monster. Do you even know what it is?" She hands him back the key saying "It doesn't fit." When asked why not she replies in distorted voice: "Isn't it obvious? You're not Elliot. You're the ..." [static interrupts.]
    • The symbolism of this is now clear, that Elliot later discovers "I am Mr. Robot." Or as next said in the vision, once Elliot dons the mask, "I am here. You are alone."
  • Elliot awakes from his vision in a gasping sweat. "They all left," he frets. But Robot appears to assure him he's not alone. "I'm not going anywhere, kiddo. We're in this to the end."
  • Darlene and Trenton have been searching futilely for Cisco (Darlene's Dark Army contact), and they are giving up as Sunday Evening goes dark, until Darlene spots a stretched black limousine and a Dark Army thug. The two climb in, and give over their phones, which are thrown out the window.
  • Shayla continues the night on the town with Angela. She's not afraid of ending her drug trade for the uncertainty of a new job. She becomes quite a formative influence when she convinces Angela of the uselessness of worry.
  • Romero starts Elliot onto a regimen of his Aunt Ester's detox remedy. Perhaps the temporary abandonment was strictly for Romero to shop supplies for the making of this remedy, to get the mission back on track.
  • Angela sneaks into Allsafe on Ollie's credentials, and she infects his PC with the Dark Army's spyware.
    • She cannot eject the CD, so she uses the paperclip trick: straighten a clip, insert it into the pinhole below the CD tray, and trigger the release switch. How cool is that?
    • Is it a continuity error that Allsafe's infection starts after FSociety petitioned Dark Army to engage before April 1st?
  • The episode ends as the van is driving into view of Steel Mountain. Elliot says parting words about our daemons, and the silver lining is that we finds their familiar faces waiting on the other side.