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An online arsenal of tools, free for sharing.
Notecase is a nicely developed note taking application and organizer. It
RefBook: My pocket journal of tables
Paper and pencil were my friends since early childhood. Now in a paperless


Most Wanted lists of interest.
Image floats for PHP & Markdown
One of the best features of the wonderful "MDwiki" tool is its ability to
That Gunsmoke Episode
I'd like to find that episode when Doc and Festus are debating how man


Making home life easier in simple tips.
Our family medicine practitioner is very considerate of our concerns for


Number theory, geometry, or just doing the math.
Angle "The Giant"
Another corrected answer on Angles DAB and BCD are very
Folding Polygons into Pyramids 2
Some corrections to a problem result in lengthy, ongoing discussions. On
Folding Polygons into Pyramids
When I find incorrect answers in, which is way more often
Math Limerick
A dozen, a gross, and a score plus three times the square root of


Questions of moral and effective living.
Is voting moral?
(This is primarily a place holder for a larger, more detailed


Playlists and notes of entertainment favorites.
Twisty's Space Rock Party Mix
I made this list almost a decade ago, but it's still a favorite


Life's Miscellany.
Place holder - Values - Future-Proofing