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That Gunsmoke Episode

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I'd like to find that episode when Doc and Festus are debating how man could be made differently. There are many viewers who still watch this show today on TVLand. This particular episode is remembered by viewers are far as the United Kingdom.

Festus Haggen

It went something like this...

Festus: I would have put his mouth on top of his head. That way, when a posse comes along and you need to go, you can just scoop up your vittles into your hat and eat while you're on the road.


Festus: I would have put his eye on the tip of his finger. That way, if some varmint is a-gunnin' for ya, you can just stick out your finger and peek around the corner to see him.

Here's an old link to a related conversation from a decade ago.

Just knowing the title and/or number of this episode and its season would be helpful. Ultimately, it might be a handy bit of video to include in a YouTube vlog, or just a quotation I'd like to cite accurately.