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  • The episode picks up in a diner where Elliot is about to have his last meeting with Shayla. Shayla is not eating, which catches the attention of the old lady owner, but this is New York City, and no one is prepared to defend her in these rough circumstances.
  • Vera is phoning from the top bunk in his jail cell. "When I found out you did this, I didn't get angry. I got impressed."
  • As Elliot is taking Vera's call in the restaurant's back office, Vera's brother Isaac is seen walking from the passenger side of the car, quickly around the back to the driver's side. Yet when Elliot is taken back to his apartment, he is left to ask "Where is Shayla?" She was likely moved to the trunk while he was on Vera's phone call. (A possible discrete move would have been to drive her in the passenger seat to be dealt with in the back alley.)
  • Elliot wastes no time to hack Isaac's phone. The MAC Address shown is nonsense, but the model is apparently a Samsung Galaxy S5, rather spiff for 2015.
  • Back at Allsafe, Angela is about to embark upon her first steps to seek retribution over the death of her mother. She pours over the data dumps regarding the Washington Township toxic waste scandal.
  • Darlene starts spreading malware-infected USB thumbdrives around the jail parking lot. (Funny, they're E Corp brand.) She must not have been far to be called upon, even though she wasn't part of the restaurant ordeal, because she came home with Elliot to crash at his place when the two discovered Shayla's kidnapping.
  • The malware failed because it was detected on their Windows system by Avast Antivirus, which identified it as a JavaScript worm. The malware was supposed to open an SSH port on the Windows machine, but Elliot cannot reach it. (Incidentally, the IP address belongs to Taiwan's Government Service Network.)
  • Angela arrives at the apartment where Darlene and Elliot are confined. Told to "get rid of her," Elliot meets her downstairs, where she is abuzz about the "world changing" thought of getting Colby to flip on his E Corps colleagues. Elliot placates her by telling her "Trust yourself."
  • On the stairs heading back up, Elliot meets Robot, who writes off Shayla as dead since she started working for Vera. He points out that it's in Vera's best interest to kill everyone if this succeeds.
  • When Elliot went to visit Vera in jail, he had Airodump running on his phone, discovering 7 target Access Points. But all 7 were utilizing WPA2 passwords, which are "borderline unhackable." (In reality, he should have still brought home the packet capture in order to attempt a dictionary attack. There are even online servers to do this for a price on the Internet. It's a bit of a 'Hail Mary,' but it would succeed against a weak password if so lucky.)
  • Having failed a WiFi hack, Elliot next infiltrates using a BlueTooth sniffer to hijack the connection in a patrol car's laptop. By simulating a keyboard, he can type instructions directly into the laptop for as long as Darlene can distract the officer from watching his screen.
  • The jailbreak exploit worked. But the episode ends with Isaac getting shot and Shayla being discovered in the car trunk. All of Elliot's efforts were for naught: Shayla's dead, and her assassin is moneyless but free.