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Notecase is a nicely developed note taking application and organizer. It started as an open source software project, then switched development models to a commercial product. Both are rather powerful tools for capturing simple notes or rich text and images, and arranging them into a hierarchy to be saved in a Notecase file.


  • It can embed or link images and rich text, including web links, into the notes.
  • It can arrange those notes into a tree, which can be further rearranged in whatever order you like.
  • It can import and export a variety of formats from other note-taking applications.
  • It can save files in encrypted or unencrypted manner, protecting your data behind a password using Blowfish2 encryption.
  • Files can be shared across most popular platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, BSD & many Linux flavors, and even Android.


  • No tables
  • No nested lists
  • The OSS version (1.9.8) has a bug that races the CPU usage needlessly while idle.
  • The Android and Pro (non OSS) versions require the purchase of a license.

Fork me!

By forking the project, one is free to modify the OSS version to suit their own needs and desires. I have used Notecase for many years, being very pleased with the results. However, its shortcomings have always haunted me, driving me to migrate my data to more futureproof solutions. (What kind of app still does not facilitate nested lists, which are the heart of Markdown? Why still no tables, be they nested or even simple ones?) I will be tearing into the code, if for no other reason to try and find the cause of the racing CPU looping.


It allows for a lot of programming macros/tricks, using the Lua language (very similar to Python).

General Info

Category Specifics
License BSD
Latest Version 1.9.8
Last Release 2008-12-09
Platforms Windows, Mac, Linux, and more
... (Android and Pro derivatives are non-free)

One can download the source and aging packages from SourceForge.