Twisty's Tesseract

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S02E02 -

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  • Part Two resumes in Battery Park City as Scott Knowles is carrying two large duffel bags containing the 5.9 million dollars ransom. Music begins playing "Take Me Home" by Phil Collins. After several nervous starts, a bicycle courier delivers him a messenger bag. It contains matches, lighter fluid, and an FSociety mask with the instructions inside reading "WEAR ME AИd then BuRN the money." Darlene watches through the crowd from a safe distance.
  • The federal commission are refusing Philip Price's request they commit additional relief to the $900 billion they've already given in the last 30 days. Price recounts "the confidence con" that allowed FDR to sell a recovery plan for federally insured banks.
  • When Ray shows up at the basketball game, he questions our perception of reality. "What is the truth? Maybe there is no truth. Maybe what we think is all we have."
  • 19 Minutes and 22 seconds in, girls at E Corps are gossiping about the new girl Angela. "Sometimes I see her talking to herself. OMG, you did too? So weird."
    • This might possibly go beyond Angela's use of affirmation tapes. She might share more neuroses with Elliot than suspected, acting as nearly a mirror image, perhaps with personalities of her own.
  • Ray visits Elliot at the basketball court again. He discusses what he says to his wife, but as we learn in later episodes, his wife is dead. He goes on to mention to Elliot that they talked last night. "You really don't remember."
  • Elliot races back to his room, his journal. He confirms that time was lost in the hours he thought he was sleeping. He argues about control with Mr. Robot, then begins laughing maniacally. But between Robot brandishing a gun and Elliot insisting to learn the location of Tyrell, he wins this contest of wills. "Tell me where Tyrell is, or shoot me again, 'cause the only one this will drive crazy is you." He's late for his church group.
  • Gideon is having a quiet drink at a gay bar. After some awkward conversation, he is assassinated. (Death in this show is often foreshadowed by red lighting.)
  • Joanna is listening to her new music box in her dining room, but leaves to tend her crying baby. While away, the burner phone rings from an unlisted number.
  • Elliot is attending the church group one moment, nodding off to scriptures about the end times, but then awakens holding the phone with Tyrell on the other end.