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  • The episode begins with Krista meeting Lenny at the PIerre Loti. He lured her on the false pretense that he's dying, but he really just wants to catch Elliot. He was hacked, through proxy servers in Estonia. Krista is not cooperative, but Lenny continues in anger.
    • The music in the background at PIerre Loti is a harp rendition of "Nearer My God, To Thee".
  • He ends up taking leftovers home, but there he sees the news that the 5/9 Hack has resulted in the collapse of several EU governments, including Estonia.
  • Elliot awakes in the Cadillac SUV, parked in a NY lot. The owner (Kareem) demands cash since the credit card systems have been down all weekend. Elliot tells us (his imaginary friend) that he no longer trusts us. (He still feels betrayed that we didn't reveal the dead-father-nature of Mr. Robot to him.)
  • FSociety are giving the arcade a full wipedown, digitally erasing files with HDShredder4 and drilling hard drives. Elliot bails on the wipedown, certain that he needs to see Mr. Robot.
  • Allsafe's CFO advises Gideon to close the business. He comments that since opening it's been like "rearranging chairs on the goddamn Titanic." (This may be pivotal to the opening/closing choice of song "Nearer My God, To Thee.") She points out that one upside could be that he no longer has debt.
  • Elliot strolls through E Corp headquarters in search of Tyrell. He reveals that Darlene set the malware to encode their data in 256-bit AES and it would take an incomprehensible amount of time to crack. FSociety releases another video, claiming responsibility for the hack.
  • The FSociety team carries their dismantled computer gear to a canine cremation oven for destruction. The song playing in the background is "People Who Died" by Jim Carroll Band. They also release all the caged dogs from the pound, led by Trenton picking the locks.
  • E Corp's EVP of Technology James Plouffe delivers a TV address ending in his suicide on the air. NOTE: This was such a graphic scene, which coincided with a terribly similar real world incident after filming, that the airing of this season finale was rescheduled a week delayed out of respect for those grieving in real life. (Trivial Nitpick: the angle of the bloody squib could not have resulted from his right-hand angle of his gun.)
  • Eliot returns to Tyrell's black Cadillac SUV, license # YQN-4855. He continues rifling over the vehicle in search of GPS traces or any clues for finding Tyrell or Mr. Robot. Eventually, he finds some sunglasses in the moonroof that have a detachable handle with a USB flash drive.
    • He takes the USB drive to a nearby Internet cafe. "He knows the password, which means I know the password." (Lucky that Robot isn't invoking lost time/memory, and must want the secret shared with Elliot.) The drive contains a single Vimeo link titled "Boardwalk Fail." It reveals that Elliot was alone on the Coney Island handrail, and jumped by himself to the rocks below.
    • Elliot forces Robot to meet by commencing a 911 call and the beginning of a confession. Robot hangs up the phone to stop him.
  • Angela goes to buy new shoes. She tries to be an apologist for E Corp's actions. But when the shoe salesman presses her to stand against her bosses, she switches to an aggressive stance, and demands to see the Pradas next. (This could be taken as a possible alternate identity: much like Elliot, she switches from approval-seeking child-idealist to service-demanding grownup-realist.)
  • Back at the Internet cafe, Elliot tries choking submission out of Robot, which publicly looks weirdly psychopathic. Robot reveals that since he knows what happened to Tyrell, "so do you." Yet out of their conflict for control, Robot gets himself punched, resulting in Elliot being knocked out.
  • At E Corp headquarters, Angela asks Phillip Price how he remains so confident. He indicates that the hack was done by mere people, and he too is a mere person but backed by the world's largest conglomerate. He further advises her not to talk her way out of a compliment. He privately says many unflattering dismissals of James Plouffe, only to commence a public address to honor him (insincerely).
  • The "End of the World Party" is held at the Arcade as a final step in destroying evidence.
  • Robot and Elliot are struggling in the middle of Times Square during a protest/support march for FSociety. Elliot pleas to his imaginary friend (you the audience) to make Robot tell about Tyrell. Robot lashes back, "Stop talking to them! They can't help us."
    • (NOTE: This likely sounds like a contradiction that Elliot addresses the imaginary friend as a singular you, but Robot's choice of pronoun "they" sounds plural. It may just be a "gender neutral" choice intended to be singular.)
    • Robot, facing Elliot's dismissal that these images of his family are not real, launches on his epic soapbox about the unreal nature of society's lifestyle.
    • Elliot, denying that his imaginary family is more real than society, feels inundated amidst the Times Square crowd. "I want to be alone. I need to be alone." He ends up "willing" them to vanish from his perception.
    • Robot & family, appearing on building-side video, tells Elliot to remember how he hated loneliness. That is the reason they have appeared. They cannot help but be an inseparable part of him.
  • The song "Sound And Color" by Alabama Shakes begins, and continues into the post-credit closing video. Robot instructs him "you're going to start listening to us," and directs him how to return home and cope by celebrating the revolution. The scene is interrupted by a mysterious knock on his apartment door. (He's about to get arrested.)
  • In the post-credit scene concluding the season, we follow a stretched limousine to a lavish soirée. Minister Zhang (played by BD Wong) enters, and we follow him past a harpist (again playing "Nearer My God, To Thee") to sit near Phillip Price. He cuts to the matter about the Coltan mines in the Congo. (NOTE: The dialog skirts specifics about "Knowing the person [neutral] responsible [for what?]." And "We will deal with 'that person' as we usually do." The audience is likely led to think they're discussing the 5/9 Hack, but a season 3 replay will imply this was actually about Angela's probe into the Washington Township plant.) Zhang closes the scene by musing how Nero played the harp-like lyre as he watched Rome burn.