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  • The episode opens with a flashback of the Mr. Robot computer store in 1994. It is a rather endearing scene when the father is faced with an incident of his son stealing $20, but he finds a way to bond with a good kid having done a wrong action. As they go off to the movies, a time-lapse sequence shows the closure and evolution of the shop, until one day it becomes a Bank of E branch.
  • Now that Elliot is facing Robot in his apartment, he's trying to grasp that his father hasn't been dead these past 20 years, and it's making him angry. Robot assures him he was trying to break the news gently, that other want him dead, and Elliot should follow in order to find answers.
  • Angela wants to work for her lawyer, having quit Allsafe, but the lawyer will have none of it. Darlene phones her to try finding Elliot.
  • Elliot & Robot stop at the train station, and recall his game of safe cars from home and unsafe cars returning. (This might further corroborate Elliot's deathwish in throwing himself out windows.)
  • Joanna and Tyrell are in the hospital with their newborn. She recalls the daughter she gave up at age 16. She gives him the ultimatum: If you want to remain in this family, you'll fix this.
  • Blank's Disk was completely destroyed in a fire. Arson is suspected.
  • Tyrell is fired over the "delicate situation" the Sharon Knowles murder presents. Philip Price is candid, attempting to be helpful. Tyrell grovels to the end, to no avail.
  • Elliot & Robot stop by the old family house. They end up reenacting young Elliot's defenestration, but this time with Robot going out the window. (Payback. We learn later in subsequent steps that there are many mistakes to Elliot's blameful recall of the childhood event.)
  • Darlene & Angela arrive at the family house not long afterward. They narrowly eascape the new owner ("creepy new dad"), but discover the freshly re-broken window.
  • Robot, injured from the fall, tries outracing the others in the cemetery. His journey ends at the gravestone which reads:
    EDWARD ALDERSON - May 9.1949 - February 28, 1995.
  • Elliot, now realizing his own injuries from the fall, comes to the realization "I am Mr. Robot."
  • Back at the Washington Township train station, Angela is about to send Elliot home. She wishes she could see her mom again, even if only imaginary.
  • On the ride back, Darlene asks "Do you remember any of it? When we started FSociety?"
  • Angela returns to her father's house, only to find Terry Colby in their dining room. He points out the pedestrian failure of her misplaced goals, offers her a lucrative gig at E Corp, and suggests she can try changing things from within.
  • Darlene arrives with Elliot back to his apartment. His meds have all been dumped, so she leaves to get his refills. Once she's gone, Tyrell sneaks in to coerce Elliot into working together. They leave to Coney Island and the Arcade.
  • The episode ends as Elliot summarizes the plan to Tyrell. He claims it was "just me," and when asked why, he replies "I wanted to save the world." He pauses before the popcorn machine as the corn begins to pop.
    • The music playing throughout the ending scene is a piano rendition of "Where Is My Mind" from the movie Fight Club.