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  • The episode begin at Xander Jones's apartment, with Darlene standing in his balcony. They briefly skirt the topic of revolution before he rushes off to work.
  • Darlene finds Xander's hidden safe. The combination is his graduation date from his MBA certificate, 6707. She takes a handgun from his safe, places it in her backpack, and leaves to attend her ballet class with Angela.
  • Elliot burns a CD of Krista. He labels it "Talking Heads - Speaking In Tongues."
  • Darlene is anxious, thinking the Dark Army is following her on the subway.
  • FSociety meets back at the Arcade to discuss the flaws of the AirStream Software network. Darlene offers the gun to Elliot in case the Whiterose meeting proves dangerous.
  • Tyrell nervously returns to work, but Gideon awaits in his office. He breaks the news about Colby's chain of custody being "broken." Tyrell takes interest in server CS30, but Lloyd texts Gideon 911 that the entire network has gone down. And then the police arrive to question Tyrell, who dodges them.
  • Back at Allsafe, Gideon delegates that Lloyd get the file shares back up, and Ollie cancel all sales appointments in order to keep a lid on the news of the hack. Elliot knows the network is infected, so the overt attack must be a distraction. (This sets the stage for the Whiterose meeting.) Ollie, sweaty & scared, orders Elliot to take drives to Blank's Disk Data Recovery.
  • Elliot confronts Angela about her entangement with Ollie and the Allsafe hack. Sadly, it only accentuates the reality that they have stopped telling each other important matters.
  • Up to this pre-meeting point, Elliot continues to refer to Whiterose as "he." He arrives at Blank's Disk by yellow taxi, then he gets to the Faraday Cage. "Hamburger Guy" is there in his clean suit, but that's obviously not there to keep the environment clean, since he's chowing down on a BBQ sandwich. Once Elliot enters, the guy exits and Whiterose enters from the opposite door.
  • Elliot phones Darlene to create another Allsafe distraction. He sends 100 large MMS images to Gideon's phone, forcing him to plug it in to recharge. This sets up Elliot to retrieve a security verification from the phone while Gideon and the others are distracted by a new FSociety video targeted at Allsafe. Gideon's trust in Elliot has fully eroded.
    • E Corp calls Gideon about the latest FSociety hack. This affords Elliot the chance to complete his request to remove the honeypot from server CS30.
    • One of the few moments that a screen is shown this season 1.0 containing the day-of-week: Elliot opens the service ticket for the CS30 server honeypot order. There we see that Sat. April 11th 2015 matches correctly, as do Tues March 31 and Sat march 28, but not "Tues April 25.". This stands in contrast to episodes after the start of Season 2.0, when all dates show an "off by one error" for the day of week. (Might this be the moment the realities split apart?)
  • Tyrell meets Robot at Coney Island. He insists on getting in on Elliot's scheme. (Frustrated with the loss of control at E Corp?) This may be the first time we see Tyrell's personal Cadillac SUV, black inside and out.
  • Tyrell returns home and swigs deeply on the Vodka. He's about to explain a change of course to Joanna, but the police at the door interrupt. She diverts the entire inquiry by injuring herself to break her water and rush to the hospital.
  • Elliot meets Darlene back at Coney Island. They are 43 hours from enacting the big hack. In the excitement, Elliot tries to kiss Darlene, but that spurs the first Big Reveal: She is his sister. (Somehow, he lost the memory of her, and it wasn't the first time.)
  • As Elliot stares into the mirror, the following faces appear in his hoodie:
    Tyrell, Darlene, Tyrell, Angela x3, the mask x2, Sam Esmail, Tyrell, mask, Robot x2, mask... then he punches it.
  • Elliot's phone rings before he smashes it to the ground. It would likely be Darlene, but there is no name on the number ringing him.
  • He goes to hack himself, but he is a ghost on the Internet. He finds the unlabeled CD in his case. He opens a Windows virtual machine, and from thefirst of the 11 audio tracks, he runs DeepSound 1.6 to extract dozens of photographs.
    • The first group of photos are of his father, Edward Alderson. Next come shots of young Elliot with his dad. He then picks up the polaroid from his shelf, and it shows the whole family of four in the photo. (He used to only see himself and his mom.)
  • All of this discovery is interrupted by a knock at the door. There appears Mr. Robot (who we know is the image of his presumed-dead father, Edward Alderson. He says "I think we should talk." And so, the episode ends.