Twisty's Tesseract

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  • The episode begins in a flashback of the time that Shayla first moves into apartment 4D across the hall from Elliot.
    • Qwerty, the beta fish, does not yet have a name as Shayla barges through Elliot's defenses to rescue him. It was a gift to her from her ecstatic 6 year old niece, but become's Elliot's by the end of the flashback.
    • The song playing through the flashback end is "Pictures of You" by The Cure. It's also a track on the album for which Elliot labels Shayla Nico's data CD, "The Cure - Disintegration."
  • In a dark screen, Elliot begins the voice over to you, his imaginary friend audience. It's been a month since Shayla's passing. When the video resumes, he is in Krista's office, staring at a web on an electrical outlet.
  • After burning Shayla's CD, he needs to wipe again. (The digital equivalent of taking a long shower?) In doing so, he drops a microSD which Flipper swallows.
  • Gideon offers Elliot time off in lieu of Shayla's death, but Elliot refuses. When Gideon advises he not close himself off, Elliot envisions a human version of "View Source," in which his coworkers walk around with their secrets worn on signs.
  • Tyrell capriciously fires three E Corp managers after their chatter strays into the subject of execs bedding their way to the top.
  • Robot's visit to Romero gets insulting, and then he pulls Romero's own gun on him to prove his craziness.
  • Angela confronts Colby, soliciting his testimony about the covering up "dumping of epoxy resin waste" in Washington Township NJ. Note: this seems a continuity error, since the leukemia effecting 26 employees was caused by radiation according to some other accounts in the show.
  • Robot meets Darlene in a bar to continue pressing her to contact Whiterose. Later, she meets Cisco at a park chess table. He breaks up with her over her violation of his credentials as she used his access and handle to request a meeting. But the meeting with Whiterose is indeed scheduled to happen.
  • Angela alerts Gideon about her impending "confession" of breaking custody.
  • Tyrell continues his seduction of Sharon Knowles as per Joanna's plan to create scandal and capture it in photos. Instead, it ends with him getting carried away, murdering her on the E Corp building rooftop.
    • One of the triggers to sour Tyrell seemed to be the point Sharon called him "gullible." If we were to view his youth in flashback, I suspect we'd see a moment where he took issue with his gullible father, who he hates.
  • Darlene meets Trenton on the University campus. They have a very endearing chat about why they each joined the revolution and fsociety. Trenton says that her parents fled Iran to live the American Dream of consumer debt, and "they're going to die in debt doing things they never wanted to do."
  • The episode ends as Elliot spills to Krista the depth to which he hacks her and everyone else. He seeks a way out of loneliness.