Twisty's Tesseract

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  • This episode opens up in Fernando Vera's jail cell. He meets with his attorney who tells him that an anonymous tip and tons of social media tweets will put him away for years. He notices the details of the photograph showing drugs on Shayla's coffee table. This reveals the source of the tip as Elliot.
  • Back near Steel Mountain, the team are having coffee at a nearby cafe. Elliot/Robot brushes a Steel Mountain employee to read the RFID codes from his security badge. The read/write process is successful, and they are cleared to enter through the front gate.
    • This might be less-than-perfect realism regarding their social engineering scheme. This would allow admittance for an employee, but not for a visitor like their spot cover Sam Sepiol. The celebrity cover should have raised questions "How did this guy pop into our lobby?"
  • Back in the van, they are running Kali Linux, which is exactly where you may find the Social Engineering Toolkit (SET). They use this to spoof the phone text to Account Supervisor Trudy Davis, distracting her from evicting Elliot.
  • Tyrell's spiel about the waiter just further shows his Bourgeois attitude toward others, branded by E Corps.
  • While Elliot prepares to plant the Raspberry Pi into the bathroom thermostat, Tyrell interrupts, and reveals that he knows Elliot framed Terry Colby. Luckily, he dismisses it as human banality, brags about returning to NY by helicopter, and leaves.
  • The Pi is now installed at Steel Mountain, but just as Darlene updates the good news to the Dark Army, they refuse their cooperation and ban her from the chat room.
    • The Dark Army soldier speaking English in the chatroom uses U+4F8F and U+5112 "侏儒" (pronounced zhūrú) as a handle, which seems to translate "Dwarf." Darlene's handle was merely "fsociety."
  • As Tyrell and Joanna are working on 'seducing' Scott and Shanon Knowles, Joanna points out she no longer drinks, being pregnant. But the moment no one is looking, she swallows down her husband's wineglass.
  • Angela has moved back to her father's in Jersey. She discovers from outstanding bills that he is buried in debt.
  • The episode ends as Elliot invites Darlene to crash at his place... but Shayla's apartment is open, Flipper is barking inside, and she is missing. Her phone is on the floor ringing, and Fernando Vera is calling to speak with Elliot.