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  • The episode begins with Tyrell Wellick rehearsing his proposal that he be named E Corp's next CTO. He waits for Phillip Price to see him, but is asked to reschedule. Sharon Knowles is already inside, proposing her husband Scott for the office.
  • After beating up the bum he paid to take a beating, Tyrell places his blue gloves in a plastic bag, then returns to the Ford Escalade SUV.
  • Elliot wakes up in the hospital after his fall at Coney Island. Shayla, at the hospital, mentions that he spoke with her there just a couple hours earlier, yet Elliot doesn't remember... possibly another instance of "lost time," indicating she spoke with Mr Robot or other dissociated 'alter.'
  • When Mr Robot coaxes Elliot into meeting him in a nearby bar, he says "I bet your dad felt sh*tty about doing what he did too. Sometimes just pushing your kid away is easier. Don't stay mad at him too long, kiddo." This could play into Elliot's account that he was physically pushed out a window, but is worded in such a clever way that it is more figurative than literal.
  • The looping background music in the bar is a subdued bridge in the song "Steal My Sunshine" by Lenny, which takes over the next scene when Elliot is celebrating a disguise of normalcy, freed of Mr Robot & FSociety.
  • Tyrell is casing Anwar for his social engineering hack. We met Anwar at the episode's beginning when, while waiting for Price, this assistant offered refreshments. In order to get more inside information about the CTO position, he meets & seduces Anwar at "The Kiss And Fly" gay bar.
  • At Gideon's dinner gathering, he voices his suspicions about the DAT file from FSociety's original E Corps hack, compromising server CS30. He dismisses it since nothing was found wrong on the server, but clearly it still nags at him since it implicated Terry Colby.
  • The dinner is interrupted by a text on Elliot's phone indicating breaking news on TV. The data dumps from FSociety are going out, and the fact that the dumps include evidence about Colby's guilt in the Washington Township case, which his lawyers says is further evidence he was set up. This can only stroke Gideon's suspicions even further.
  • Young Elliot and his mother Magda get their first speaking lines, as she blames the father's passing as his own fault for being weak and cowardly.
  • Gideon continues to fret over the DAT file and headlines that Colby could be framed in the E Corps hack and data dumps, as such data would be self-incriminating. He calls the Dulles data center again, continuing to focus on server CS30.
  • A continuity flaw shows the date "WED MAY 27" on Gideon's phone... but it should actually be March 29, otherwise this would be after the 5/9 hack and Gideon's death.
  • The episode ends with Elliot returning to the Arcade, setting up his laptop, and poising to reveal the new plan against Steel Mountain.