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  • The episode picks up where the pilot left off... Tyrell & Elliot in the E Corp board room. The music begins Beethoven's Symphony No. 7 in A Major, Op. 92 , and continues past the show title card as Elliot is driven home.
  • Sunil "Mobley" Markesh was played by James P. Rees in the pilot episode. In this second and all subsequent episodes, his character was played by Azhar Khan.
  • Similarly, Leslie Romero is credited to Michael Buschemi in the pilot episode, even though he wasn't the guy opening the arcade door to Mr. Robot. That actor was Ron Cephas Jones, appearing uncredited in the pilot, but playing Romero ever since.
  • Elliot may seem paranoid that Tyrell's account was "too easy" to hack into, but his suspicions were likely correct. Elliot followed with a full wipedown... but it is likely that someone of Tyrell's skills would indeed have monitored the unauthorized access to his corporate email.
  • Ten minutes into the show (just after the wipedown), Elliot looks at the polaroid picture from his shelf. It shows only his mom and himself... but we know from later episodes that this is a family photo that also includes Edward (his father) and Darlene (his sister). The fact they do not appear to the camera indicates that Elliot is psychologically blocking them from his memory.
  • He still carries the photo in his pocket as he goes to take Flipper for a walk.
  • It is important to note that the character hawking CDs in front of Allsafe is none other than Francis "Cisco" Shaw, who we will learn is the boyfriend of Darlene and hacker for the Dark Army.
  • The pilot introduced Shayla, Elliot's neighbor & dealer, but this episode introduces Fernando Vera, her supplier. Elliot has already hacked him (he is Elliot's sole supplier of Suboxone withdrawal meds in the city), and he is brazen and loud-mouthed online, but well connected. A sample message onscreen includes: "YO!! Stuck in Queens!! Cars all like CLICKETY CLICKETY. Cavalry best be near!!"
  • As with many puzzles, Sam Esmail introduces the problem and solution in the same episode. In this case, Mr. Robot wants to blow up the Comet natural gas facility to collaterally destroy Steel Mountain. Elliot is inspired with an alternative solution because of the radiator problems in their apartments. He then starts researching Environmental Control systems.
  • Ollie swallowed the Dark Army's bait by placing their spyware CD into his laptop. They (Cisco) now monitor his webcam. In confirming the infection, Cisco (handle "思科" U601D+U79D1) is saying "we're in" to Whiterose (handle "白玫瑰" U767D+U73AB+U7470).
  • Elliot brings his solution to Mr. Robot in Coney Island. But instead of discussing the details, the issue of his dad's death is raised, and he recalls being pushed out the window by his dad. The episode ends with Mr. Robot pushing him off the rail onto the rocks below. This becomes a pivotal plot point in the series, because it is later revealed that the father never pushed Elliot, but rather he jumped... just as we also later learn that Elliot's present fall is part of his internal conflict.